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Friday, March 13, 2009


hair surgery transplant

If you plan to replace the hair ...
The hair loss is caused mainly by a combination of ageing, a change in hormones, and family history of baldness. As a general rule, begins as soon as possible loss of hair, become more serious baldness. Hair loss may also be caused by burns or trauma, in this case, hair replacement surgery is considered as a treatment reconstruction, May and be covered by health insurance.

If you and your doctor have determined that the hair grafts are the best choice, you can feel at ease knowing that board-certified plastic surgeons have been used successfully carry out this type of procedure for more than thirty years.

If you have any hair surgery transplant, this brochure will give you a basic understanding of the variety of procedures. You can not answer all your questions, as much depends on their particular situation. Ask your doctor if you do not understand something about the procedure will take.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Hair Surgery Transplant for Women

Hair Surgery Transplant for Women The process of the transplant is very complicated to be done to the women than for men, because of various risks associated with the procedure. The skin of women is more sensitive than men and are vulnerable to allergies and other drugs to follow after the transplantation of hair for women is carried out.

Hair Surgery Transplant for Women is comparable to that of men, and there is no difference. The method, in transplants for women is the unity of follicular transplants. This method is consistent with the principle of the abolition of numerous follicular units. The device contains a Follicularis three hairspray into a single unit. The unit is follicular different sizes and sometimes with four hair.

Hair Surgery Transplant for Women

More and different sizes of the office follicular units are in the transplantation of hair for women. With a hair transplant in a scheme in which unusually long hair, and grafted with units of two, three and four hairs are one after the unit Follicularis hair to hair densest appearance. The natural hair color is mainly used by the organization in order. Because this type of hair growth in almost all nations.

The Hair Surgery Transplant for Women with the help of the transplanted hair above detectable. Some dermatologists experienced in the field of Hair Surgery Transplant for Women of Follicular unit hair transplantation in a random pattern, not like the origin of the hair and the hair is the form. Since this method is the method developed, are increasingly well educated, leading to a reduction in the Registry under the microscope.

The boundary of the transplant procedure is to be three thousand transplants, which can be transplanted, only less time. The procedure is indeed a very safe and sterile environment. Many of which are on the influence of anesthesia with a sedative in the short term. The nature of sedatives differs from several women. More sedation is the people more afraid.

After the intervention of the procedures are not very complicated patients. Some doctors may be the patient is free to bandages. It is of medicines to reduce the risk of swelling of the first three days after surgery. Reduction of pain pills and sleeping pills be used to provide some comfort for the patient to avoid any bites into obstruction of the donors.

The patients were under the Hair Surgery Transplant for Women are invited to come to the hospital to the hair combed and shampoo. The procedure is so simple that the patient to return to work within a period of three days from the date of the surgery. The patient is no longer safe when you want to remove. Other activities such as swimming, exercising and other activities can be delivered over a week after the operation. Hair Surgery Transplant for Women

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Connecticut Hair Transplants for grey hair

Gray hair can be transplanted?
It is a question that the often when a person or an aging with gray hair experience starts with the hair loss by androgenetic alopecia, commonly referred to as the male or female type of hair loss.

The answer is "Yes, gray hair can be transplanted, under safe conditions and with success, as the hair in any color." A wrong idea about the gray hair, is that if gray hair, and not in good health of the hair. Would that been true, then the gray hair would not be appropriate for a transplant. The reason why the transplant is the healthy hair follicles of a zone of hair loss, where they can "roots" and continue to produce healthy hair. The transplantation of gray hair is crowned with success, because the hair gray hair is in good health through healthy hair follicles.

Connecticut Hair Transplants

Why turn your hair gray?
Hair is the color of the pigment called melanin from cells called melanocytes in the hair follicles. What melanin, and in what quantities, is determined by the genes of their parents inherited. At a certain moment in the life of a person, the melanocytes begin May, less melanin, in full or the production of melanin. If the production of melanin slows or stops, the hair starts to lose color, and the result is a decrease of pigmentation in the gray hair or complete lack of pigmentation in the white hair.

Why the production of melanin from melanocytes? You do not know with certainty, but the current findings show that a biological clock under control genetics determines when the melanocytes to produce melanin. Get gray "is a normal process related to aging (with the exception of a few hairs Aging in conjunction with diseases or abnormalities). Aging of the hair usually begins around the age of 40 to 50, May, but early on that 20-30 In 35 years by 25% of men and women have gray hair, 50 years, aging is roughly half the population. Aging is less clear in the gurnard and can in a very advanced stage, before it is obvious aesthetics. Those with brown or black hair aging experiences often referred to as "salt and pepper" appearance integrally with gray hair dryer, which until today has its color. The aging process usually starts the temple and gradually progress in the participation of hair throughout the scalp.

With a change in the hair follicles May-less production of lubricating oil from sebaceous (oil producers) cells, such as the age of a person. This can lead to the gray and white hair, the pigmented hair dryer. Hairdryer and May vulnerable to damage caused by the combs and brushes, May and are the hardest to hair. Proposals, hair products and the selection of grooming products for the hair can be determined by a specialist in the restoration used.

The transplant is safe and effective in elderly patients with gray hair?
That is not enough for a person responsible for the transplantation of hair. Medical Specialists Hair catering have the success of the transplant, hair in patients over 80 years. The most important factors in the treatment of patients from the hair are the same as for younger patients: (1) the causes of hair loss (click on the hair and Diagnostic Analysis). (2), the condition in the medical examination (3), medical history, (4) the condition of the scalp, (5) plan hair loss, and (6), the expectations of patients improve the presentation (click in the hair restoration surgery) .

Pending the results of transplantation of hair should be discussed with the doctor used in the catering. A patient whose hair of the aging process is not fully gray, but the aspect that he / she wants to achieve, currently and in the future, that the process of aging is likely to continue. A distribution of aging, such as a patient wants to remain.

Transplants can be gray hair dyes to restore the color?
Hair dyes can be applied to the gray hair transplant. A specialist in catering hair can be patient, as shortly after the transplantation of hair can be used safely

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